Twitter is down on web and mobile and no one knows why

Popular social media platform Twitter is down for users on both desktop and mobile for reasons that remain unknown at this time. Users began reporting issues with accessing content on the platform earlier today, an outage that is still in place as of 6 PM ET. Though the platform itself loads, Twitter doesn't currently display any content, instead slapping users with a 'Something went wrong' message.

If you attempt to access Twitter at this time, there's a good chance you'll be presented with the 'Something went wrong' message, which means you won't be able to see any tweets or trending media. If you refresh the page or app a few times, that content may eventually load, at least in our tests of the platform.

Based on user reports from the website Down Detector, it seems like users on the web are most impacted by this issue, though a substantial number of reports cover the mobile apps, as well. Twitter's own status website currently states that there's an 'irregularity' impacting the Twitter APIs and that the company is currently 'investigating' the issue.

We don't yet know what may be going on and how broad the Twitter outage is at this moment, though Twitter will no doubt share a proper update at some point in the near future. The Twitter Support account doesn't yet mention anything about the widespread outage based on the last time we were able to access it.

A look at Down Detector's live outage map shows the issue primarily clustered in the eastern parts of the US and the UK, at least based on user reports. It's unclear how long the service may be down, but these types of outages are typically resolved within hours.