Twitter improves photo and video viewing in web interface

Today, Twitter has launched some new enhancements to how it handles photos and videos on the service's web interface. Namely, they have made it easier to view either form of media on profile pages and in search results. When users click on a photo from these two places, a larger version will pop up. With videos, Twitter has expanded its list of services whose media show up in media galleries, and instead of just photos, videos now show up on the gallery.

Furthermore, individual tweet pages now include replies to replies, meaning that you can now see replies to tweets that are replies to the initial tweet (if that makes sense). Either way, you'll now be able to see the entire conversation and replies will be nested, similar to some comment systems on websites like Disqus.

Twitter gives us a few examples of this, including a tweet from Late Night host Jimmy Fallon, and a tweet from New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. You can scroll down to view replies to the tweets, and you can also see replies to those initial replies as well. We're not seeing the changes as of now, but the new features should be rolling out fairly soon.

For videos, media galleries now come with support for a number of video sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitter's latest Vine service. So, instead of just photos showing up in your media gallery, you'll also be able to view videos as well, right in line with the rest of your photos.