Twitter gives advertisers targeting options based on device, OS, and WiFI

In June, word surfaced that Twitter was working on location-based advertisements, something that would accompany keyword targeting and give advertisers more overall options. Today the microblogging website announced more good news for those advertising on the service — increased mobile targeting options based on devices, mobile operating system, and Wi-Fi connectivity. There's also granular reporting analytics tossed into the mix.

The idea behind the increased targeting options is similar to the idea behind geographically-based advertisements. Advertisers can target the ideal users to be on the receiving end of their ads, optimizing their exposure and increasing the likelihood that users will find the ads relevant. For example, if an advertiser is only interested in Android users, those particular users can be segmented to allow for better overall targeting.

From there, advertisers can also narrow down focus based on which version of the mobile operating are being used, which you can see in the screenshot above. If only those running Android Ice Cream Sandwich and higher are relevant, for example, those running Gingerbread and other older versions can be excluded. Specific devices can also be targeted, leaving ones that aren't relevant out of the mix.

The segmentation analytics give advertisers data about who is engaging with advertisements, such as data about operating system versions and devices. These targeting capabilities were rolled out today, and can be accessed via, later on rolling out for Ads API partners — date currently unspecified.

SOURCE: Twitter Blog