Twitter Fuelband mashup tracks your social fitness

Some people have different ways to measure the success of their Twitter accounts, like retweets or number of followers, but how about boiling down all that activity into one easy to understand number? Stinkdigital had an interesting idea and put it to the test, by taking a Nike Fuelband, modifying it, and taking advantage of the generated Fuelband score to measure Twitter activity.

The team took a Nike Fuelband and attached it to a customized motor using Arduino. Whenever someone follows, mentions, or retweets the StinkDigital Twitter account, the motor spins the Fuelband to generate points. The number of rotations depends on the activity as well as other custom metrics, so a new follower may end up generating more fuel than a retweet.

Just like the the activities that the Fuelband was designed for, the team found that an average day's worth of Twitter activity generated around 2,000 points. Now that Tweetfuel is properly in place, the team wants to try and boost that number by 25%. You can follow the progress of Tweetfuel on this website, which shows that the team has already shattered their target goal of 2,500, yesterday collecting a total of 4,316.

[via Tweetfuel]