Twitter for Mac update brings in old mobile features

Hey, remember desktop computing? No? Well, neither does Twitter, apparently. Their Mac app received an update today, giving it a few tricks we've already been taking advantage of for mobile. That is, of course, if you've not moved onto a third-party app already.

The stock twitter app provides a very stock experience, and is little more than a stream for your Mac. Their mobile platform has seen its share of attention and updates, which is where the OS X app is borrowing from.

You can now view and share tweets that have up to four photos attached, something we've been able to do via mobile for months. You can also DM messages with photos attached. Again, something Twitter has just plain neglected on the desktop.

We're sure Twitter sees a lot more traffic from mobile than desktop when it comes to their own app, but these features are long overdue. We appreciate the effort, but if you're not using a third-party app yet, slow support might be a good reason to switch.

Otherwise, enjoy the update. The Twitter app for OS X is available for free in the App Store.