Twitter for Glass app confirmed by LeWeb founder

Yesterday, we reported that tweets were being spotted on Twitter containing pictures sent from an app called Twitter for Glass, with the evidence later being deleted and remaining only in the form of screenshots. While there was speculation that the images could, perhaps, be Photoshopped, there was more than a few things indicating the tweets – and app – were real. Fortunately, we didn't have too wait long for confirmation.

A very similar tweet was fired off today by Loic Le Meur, founder of LeWeb, containing an image and the hashtag #throughglass. The image in the picture was taken from behind the wheel while on the road, showing some cars and road, as well as an arm gripping the steering wheel. The position certainly looks correct for Google Glass.

There is one notable difference between his tweet and those that surfaced yesterday – the absence of a flag showing that it was sent by an app called Twitter for Glass, as well as the stock text that was included in yesterday's tweets, with Le Meur's featuring the hashtag and nothing else. Regardless, when asked by the folks over at CNET if it was sent via a Twitter Glass app, he said yes.

And so there you have it – although the company hasn't confirmed or denied its existence, confirmation has been given alongside anecdotal evidence that a Twitter for Glass app is real and running in the wild on several pairs of Google Glass. When Twitter will give the app its official public debut is unknown, but we'll certainly keep you updated when it happens.

[via CNET]