Twitter finally lets you easily share tweets via DM

The internet is all about sharing things. Sharing photos, ideas, information, and anything else that can be converted into a digital format. So why is it so hard to share a tweet in a DM conversation? Users have long wondered why the simple act of sharing a tweet in a private conversation between other Twitter users is such a complicated process. Well Twitter has listened, and there's now a new button to solve this problem.

Private conversations on Twitter have been rising over the last year. The company reported that the number of DMs sent grew 60% in 2015. And the number of tweets shared through DMs rose 200% in the last half of last year. And that's why the company is adding a new Message button to tweets.

When you see a tweet that you need to share privately with a friend, family member, or colleague, you'll be able to tap the Message button, which appears right next to the heart, underneath the tweet. You can then select the correct person, and it will instantly be sent in the form of a DM. You can then chat about the tweet all you'd like, without any messy copying and pasting.

The feature is rolling out today for both Android and iOS platforms. And for those using it on their desktop, the feature is already available, and is shown as "Share via Direct Message."

VIA: Twitter