Twitter feature shows tweets from accounts your friends follow

You're probably not into all the same things your friends are, which is why you don't follow the same accounts on Twitter. It seems the micro-blogging service forgot that, and is testing a new feature that would put posts from accounts your friends follow in your feed. It's an interesting program, but one that goes a step too far for many.

Twitter user @aleefbaypay noticed a post from Buzzfeed in their stream recently. The problem is, they don't follow Buzzfeed, but a friend does. Sure enough, the post header says it's what one of their friends follows. Just like a promoted tweet, this one is unwelcome and (probably) unwanted.

This isn't the first time Twitter has been spotted testing features, either. A recently discovered movie hashtag suggestion service has yet to be launched, and things like GIF support tend to find the light of day slowly. Even things as simple as a profile change-up rolls out painfully slow with Twitter.

Twitter is the playground for all kinds of interests, so this may not be their best idea. It's not clear if this is a monetization strategy for Twitter, in which brands like a Buzzfeed can pay to be "suggested" in streams like this, of if this will randomly automate. Either way, it's a slippery slope.

Via: The Next Web