Twitter edge-to-edge images for iOS make it more like Instagram

Twitter is testing a new feature this week that'll make the whole platform a lot more like Instagram. Starting on iOS devices (of course), Twitter is testing what they're calling "edge-to-edge" images. This goes for individual images as well as sets of images in a gallery. With this feature, there'll be no space between images posted in a Tweet and the edge of a display screen.

If Twitter can allow edge-to-edge images in their iOS app, it stands to reason that they'll be able to do the same in their Android app. If they can do that, there shouldn't be a massive block between said feature and mobile webpage use. Of course it's more likely that most users are accessing the social network with an app, and that the vast majority of users are using the app on an Android or iOS device.

With the full-powered, full-width energy of edge-to-edge images in Twitter, the platform finally accepts the responsibility that comes with being a media-serving platform. Instagram started gaining users because it was media-first, and exclusive to iOS at first. Now it's expanded well beyond those restrictive elements, and WOULD BE the ultimate images/video only social network if only it'd never been acquired by Facebook.

"Now testing on iOS" means that Twitter knows the power of exclusivity on iOS before release on multiple platforms. Edge-to-edge functionality starts to work with not only photos, but GIFs and videos as well. If you're looking to test this feature now, download the latest version of Twitter for your iOS device – it's out there!

Meanwhile – if you're an Android user, what do you think about Twitter continuing to release features for iOS first? Do you think it's unfair, or do you believe it makes sense to hit one platform before the other?