Twitter down for the count - engineers at work on fix

This morning you may very well have been experiencing some issues with Twitter, including a total cut of access starting at around 11 AM CST. This issue is known to Twitter and they have made it clear that the do have engineers working on the problem. For now, it might be best to give your fingers a rest and do some scrolling and some reading, because you're not going to be able to Tweet for the time being.

This issue started up just about a half hour before this post was issued and Twitter users across the USA have experienced issues. We've had reports from users in the UK having down time as well, and we're expecting more updates on the situation as Twitter's back-end people fix up whatever's currently amiss. This is not the only downed site of note this morning, with Google's own Google Talk servers experiencing some mis-fires as well.

Check out our Twitter timeline below to track the project's recent development and let us know if you, too, are experiencing problems in the comments section of this post!

The last time Twitter was "officially" down was approximately one month ago, then two days before that they had an issue with email as well.