Twitter desktop notifications for direct messages launch

Twitter has unveiled a new desktop notification that makes it easier to know when someone has direct messaged you. The notification will pop up on the right side of your computer screen and if you click the notification, you will be taken to the direct message interface. This is the latest move twitter has made to make it easier for you to keep in contact with friends and followers.

You can check to see if Direct Message notifications are enabled for you. The feature is rolling out to users right now so you may not have it yet. Twitter hasn't given an indication of how long the roll out will take at this time.

The 140-character limit was removed in direct messages earlier this month. The DM can now be as long as you want making it much easier to communicate with someone without having to send large amounts of 140 character messages.

Twitter is still planning to roll out Project lightning soon in an effort to turn its hub into a source for news. Considering how many people use twitter each day, it has a great chance of being a news source if Project Lightning works well.

SOURCE: The Next Web