Twitter crafting employee dining rooms from old cabins

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 3, 2014
Twitter crafting employee dining rooms from old cabins

Twitter, keeping in line with some of its other eclectic design choices, has tapped San Francisco-based Lundberg Design to design elements of new employee dining rooms made from two old Montana cabins. The cabins were bought by Lundberg on Craigslist, of all places.

The cabins were salvaged by Beckmann Engineering, where its Karl Beckmann acquired the structures from old out-of-the-way homesteading ranches in various places in Montana. The cabins will be transported to Twitter’s headquarters and reassembled for use as dining rooms for the social network’s workers.

The cabins, which measure 20-by-20 feet, are described as functioning as “rooms within a room”, giving a sense of homey comfort inside the otherwise wide open and impersonal work space. With the exception of some rotted boards that had to be replaced with newly-milled pine, the cabins are original. How much Twitter paid for them hasn’t been disclosed.

Said Lundberg: “We’ve used the notion of the forest as a nice tie-in with Twitter and its bird logo. To me, the log cabins fit into that since, obviously, they’re made from logs that come from the forest. It’s also about using natural materials. There’s something nice about the character of the real wood. Visually there’s a patina of age. It isn’t something fake. It’s real. It’s reclaimed. It’s got some history to it, just as the building has history to it. One of the nice things about reusing old materials it that there is a story that comes with them.”

VIA: Business Insider
SOURCE: Marin Independent Journal

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