Twitter brings pre-roll ads to the videos in your timeline

Following the news about Twitter's new Moments feature, designed to make the social network more appealing and easier to navigate for new users, the company has announced a new service to make it more appealing for advertisers. Dubbed "Amplify," the program will allow advertisers to have 6-second pre-roll ads play before videos. If that sounds familiar, it's because that the same approach YouTube has adopted.

Content creators can upload video just like they do now, but they'll have an option to choose to monetize. Advertisers can target the types of videos they want their pair their ads with based on category and other options. Under this model, Twitter will keep 30% of the ad revenue, while 70% goes to the creator.

In order to increase the appeal of this platform, Twitter is also making it easier for video content to make its way to users' timelines. In addition to being able to upload videos from the desktop website, as opposed to only the mobile apps, Twitter will be adding a GIF generator and allowing videos from its Periscope service to play right in the timeline.

Twitter has been under pressure for some time now to increase its ad revenue, and Amplify seems like it has a strong change to succeed. Not only will the new options for getting video onto the platform and monetizing it appeal to creators, but the fact that Twitter's rates are much better than YouTube or Facebook — which take 45% — is a sure-fire way to get their attention.

SOURCE Twitter