Twitter and NBC tie up for Olympics hub

Twitter and NBC are working on partnership for the Olympics that will see a dedicated Olympics hub set up on twitter. The Olympics have is a partnership between twitter and NBCUniversal and is expected to be announced officially today. The partnership will serve as one of the first times that twitter has been a narrator of sorts for a live event.

Twitter workers will spend huge amounts of time over the duration of the Olympic Games taking millions of tweets from athletes, their families, fans, and NBC television personalities and putting them all on the twitter Olympics hub. Twitter hopes that its Olympics effort will help push into more sustainable business according to the Wall Street Journal. Twitter is seeking a larger audience in an effort to gain profitability, and it's using the Olympics and the huge buzz around the games to do this.

The Olympics will attract millions of users from all around the world and twitter hopes that its unique content directly from athletes and other people associated with the games will help lure new users to set up an account. Twitter wants the Olympics to come to be a place where new users can sample what twitter is about. There is no money changing hands according to NBC as part of the twitter partnership, but NBC will help advertise the hub. Twitter actually went out and pitched athletes and national sports associations to use the service and the company has sought out advertisers specifically for the Olympics hub. The Olympic Games could turn out to be a big payday for twitter.

[via WSJ]