Twitter adds USB security key as a login verification method

If you're worried that existing Twitter security measures aren't adequate enough, good news: the company has added support for security keys. The new option is available as of today, enabling security key owners to setup their account so that they can only log in if they have the right USB key. This method joins third-party app verifications.

A security key is a small USB device that is used to physically verify an attempted login. The idea here is pretty simple: if you have access to the physical key, you're probably the person who owns the account. Individuals located elsewhere are out of luck if they want to access an account that requires a security key to be physically plugged into a USB port.

Though that's a bit extreme for many users who casually utilize these accounts, it's a great option for anyone who wants to make sure their reputation isn't damaged by someone who gains illicit access to the account. How do you use the feature?

Twitter says you'll need a security key, specifically mentioning Yubikey as an option. Assuming you have one of those devices, you'll need to set your Twitter account up to use it. To do so, first click on your profile image, then head into the Setting and Privacy menu.

From there, go into the Account tab, then Security. You'll see an option for Login Verification. Click on that and you'll see a button to click to review your verification methods. You'll need to know your account password at this point to continue with these options.

After entering the password, locate Security Key and click the setup button next to it. On-screen instructions will appear to guide you through the setup process. This is simple, requiring the user to insert the security key into their computer's USB port, then press the button on the device. This will register the key to the account, at which point the user merely pushes the button again to confirm it.

SOURCE: Twitter