Twitter adds native GIF support to their app

The internet has completely changed the way that we communicate. First, we were able to send emails. Then, we started sending instant messages, and eventually tweeting at each other in 140 characters or less. But we have finally reached what I'd like to refer to as the Golden Age of Communication. A time where we can communicate using nothing more than relevant GIFs.

A couple of weeks ago we found out that Twitter was working on a GIF button (it's pronounced like the peanut butter in this house), which would give you access to a variety of moving images that were trending, and a way to search through those for something relevant to your current message. Well today the company has officially rolled out the new feature.

The new feature comes courtesy of the people at GIPHY, and those behind GIF Keyboard whom Twitter has partnered with to make this happen. The feature is pretty simple. Just click on the GIF button, type in some words (or select one of the trending topics) and tap on the one that tickles your fancy to add it to your tweet.

The functionality appears to be very similar to what you can do inside of Facebook's Messenger app, or within iMessage on your iPhone, if you have something like GIF Keyboard installed. It may not be the biggest thing to happen to the internet since tweeting was invented, but it's a fun way to get your message across.

Source: Twitter