Twitter acquires Summify for social aggregation

The folks at Twitter have picked up a startup by the name of Summify, a group whose main goal it is to aggregate the social media users around the world deal with on a daily bases. As Twitter scoops up this company, so too does the Summify team move over to San Francisco and their products be transitioned into Twitter-centric orbs. Their main service, the aggregation product which moves Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and other streams into one product, will be shut down inside a month.

Twitter is always looking for ways to streamline their already seemingly simple system – it's just a bunch of text, right? No way, says Twitter, it's much more complicated than that, and the amount of data they must filter already with all of this "just text" comes down to one thing: they need more hands to help. What Summify is set to do is not only help them on the back end, but bring forth a possible front-end interface change to Twitter down the line as well. Imagine a much simpler way to have all of your social media filtered through Twitter instead of having yet another system to work with?

Twitter's user base is still expanding, believe it or not, and they'll continue to scoop up companies like Summify to make the move into the future. While Google+ and Facebook have algorithms galore to work with relevant content filtered in to users based on their interests, with new features as such being launched constantly, it's high time Twitter stepped their game up once more to stay fresh. Are you still using Twitter?

Summify, for those of you unfamiliar, is known for its two founders, Mircea Paşoi and Cristian Strat, two former interns of Microsoft and Google, having come from Romania to set their headquarters in Vancouver, now moving on to Twitter to stay! Their message from their official blog post outlines their changes to the platform in the coming weeks as thus:

What happens to Summify?

We will be disabling new account registrations immediately and we will also be removing some features. We will keep the email summaries for a few more weeks, but at some point we will shut down the current Summify product. In the meantime, if you're a user of Summify you'll still receive your summaries, just like before.

What features are you removing?

Starting today, the following changes will take effect:

We're removing the ability to make your summaries public (i.e. all summaries will be private)

We're removing profile pages and influence pages

We're removing the auto-publish feature

We're disabling user registration from the website, iPhone and Hootsuite apps

Why are you removing these features?

We are offering a more streamlined service as we transition our efforts to working at Twitter.

Will you still be in Vancouver?

We will be moving down to San Francisco and will work out of the Twitter office.

What will you be doing at Twitter?

We are joining Twitter's Growth team and will continue to explore ways to help people connect and engage with relevant, timely news.

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