TwitchCon 2015 revealed as September-based gaming convention

Chris Burns - Feb 20, 2015, 3:20pm CST
TwitchCon 2015 revealed as September-based gaming convention

This afternoon officials at Twitch Weekly released the first news of TwitchCon. This is a convention based on Twitch specifically, centered on the idea of sharing gaming and gameplay. How will this convention work? We’re not entirely sure the people at Twitch know, really. This event will take place in September of this year – and no ticketing or pre-orders or anything like that has been revealed as of this time. There’s an email portal – but that’s about it. It’s about gaming. Gaming with video!

This event will start on September 25th and last… one more day. It’ll be on September 26th as well. It’s a two-day event. It’ll be taking place at the Moscone Center West like many major tech events of the past – like Google I/O and Apple’s developer convention.

According to Twitch, “Just a “Save the Date” for now, we’ll have more information about tickets, schedules, where to stay, and all that good stuff in the weeks and months to come.”

“Created as a celebration of all things Twitch,” Twitch PR continues, “the convention will attract members of the Twitch community from all over the globe. Attendees will have the chance to mingle with each other and their favorite broadcasters, experience live content from the convention center, and learn from the community’s thought-leaders.”

San Francisco will play host to Twitch Con, and the folks at Twitch will be blasting news through their @TwitchConSF Twitter account and their webpage at which also appears to be down, at the moment.

UPDATE: you can now sign up for TwitchCon information at the TwitchCon website. You can also stay connected through SlashGear in our Twitch tag portal as well.

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