Twitch wants performers for a live talent show

Twitch has slowly expanded its horizons, drawing in users for other-than-gaming streaming videos. There's that bizarre social eating section, for example, as well the larger Twitch Creative community for all sorts of creative and artsy videos. Now, in celebration of that community and the new ways to stream via it, Twitch is calling for users who want to showcase whatever their creative talent is live at the TwitchCon Talent Show — it has specifically called for those with acts in dance, comedy, theater, music, poetry, art, and magic.

Twitch Creative was launched last year, and it has enjoyed a lot of users since that launch. You'll find all sorts of videos streaming under it, including ones on drawing and things like cooking. "We couldn't be prouder of the community," Twitch said in a statement recently.

First things first, Twitch says it is giving more options under Twitch Creative for users to share their acts. To do so, it is adding Music, Theater, Magic Tricks, Voice Acting, and Comedy. In addition to those new content options, the company is also seeking talent to perform acts for a talent show at TwitchCon.

To get a shot at performing live at TwitchCon, users will need to audition, the time period of which ends on 8/15 of this year. All the auditions will be reviewed by a Twitch panel. In order to audition, the user has to stream at least 4 hours' worth of content to prepare for the act, which can include things like choosing a costume or practicing the act. The acts also can't be over five minutes, and while someone can submit more than one act, they all have to have that minimum of 4 hours of preparation.

All the details are here.

SOURCE: Twitch Blog