Twitch rolls out a new Points feature for predicting achievements

Amazon's streaming platform Twitch has announced a new feature that has just rolled out to half of its Affiliates and Partners: Predictions. With this new tool, streamers can engage with their viewers by allowing them to spend Channel Points on predicting stream outcomes, giving those viewers the opportunity to get various rewards.

For those still unfamiliar, Twitch offers a program called Channel Points that enables its streamers to reward viewers' participation with customized and built-in perks, such as letting them choose which background music will be played next. Points are earned in various ways based on the specific channel.

In a new announcement, Twitch said that viewers can now spend some of their accumulated points on predictions related to the stream. For example, a game streamer may offer a prediction about whether they'll be able to pull off a certain number of eliminations — and viewers can predict whether that'll be true or not.

Those who predict correctly will get a certain portion of all the points spent on that prediction, meaning they'll either lose their contribution if they're wrong or get even more points if they're right. Streamers can offer their own custom perks for viewers to use their points.

Twitch calls the Predictions rollout a soft launch of the new offering, one that creators and mods can access through the 'Manage Predictions' quick action. Creators can enter the prediction questions, choose the outcomes, and set a submission period for each prediction.

The feature was given to creators and affiliates on a random basis, with Twitch saying that it hopes to expand the availability in the coming weeks.