Twitch boosts security with two-factor authentication

Twitch is the latest company to give users an extra dose of security by adding two-factor authentication to user accounts. The company made the announcement on Monday, saying the new security feature is offered in partnership with Authy, which delivers push notifications to authorized smartphones rather than text messages, removing some of the hassle that comes with enabling two-factor authentication.

You likely already use two-factor authentication on some of your other Internet accounts. When enabled, the security feature requires verification before users can log into their account, with that verification being both a password and your personal smartphone. When you try to log in, a code will be sent to your phone, which you'll have to enter.

This means even if your password is compromised by someone else, that individual won't be able to log in unless he or she also has access to your smartphone. It makes the overall process a bit more cumbersome for users, however, which is why some people choose not to enable the feature.

In this case, Twitch is working with Authy; those who use the latter service can enable two-factor and receive push notifications with a verification code rather than a text message — a plus for those who pay-per-text message. In addition, Authy can be used to manage more than one account, keeping everything in a single place.

The new security option is found in Settings > Security in your Twitch account.

SOURCE: Twitch