Twitch bans Trump over hateful content, but he'll be back

President Donald Trump has been banned from streaming platform Twitch over allegations that his account had presented 'hateful conduct,' according to the company. The move is the latest example of a social media company taking steps to address problematic content shared on official presidential accounts, following content notices on Twitter that prompted ire from the POTUS.

The official Twitch account for POTUS is called "DonaldTrump," and attempts to visit it right now produce a message saying, "Sorry. Unless you've got a time machine, that content is unavailable." The ban is temporary, according to the company, which cites racist content that violated the company's Terms of Service as the reason for the suspension.

There's no word at this point on how long the account will be banned. Content related to two particular rallies were the reason for the suspension, according to The Verge, including one in which Trump accused Mexico of sending criminals to the US, and another involving a fake story about a home invader he referred to as "tough hombre."

In a statement, a Twitch spokesperson said that the company does not offer terms of service exceptions for political or otherwise 'newsworthy' content, something that Facebook has been heavily criticized for. Twitch warned in recent days that it'll start passing out permanent account bans over repeat violations.

Trump has not publicly commented on Twitch's decision at this time. This move comes amid a recent crackdown at Reddit where the notorious subreddit "The_Donald" was just banned, as were thousands of other subreddits accused of violating the platform's terms of service and content policies.