TwinMos Mobile Disk P1 - bright and shiny with blinking lights

I don't know about you, but as a geek, I must admit, bright, shiny, and blinking are at the top of my list of "things that instantly and easily distract me". Now, I know that's a weird list to keep track of, but it started with squirrels and penguins, so I feel kind of normal for that.

Well, this new USB drive from TwinMos hits all three, its bright, mostly due to the LED lights and reflective surface, its shiny (again with the reflective surface), and its blinking (the LED's blink, hopefully quite rapidly for maximum distractiveness). Oh, and 4GB USB drives also garner my attention.

So it has 4GB of storage, and the USB connector slides into the drive for easy concealment. There are a total of 6 LEDs, I think 5 of them are indicators and the 6th one just lights up the P1 logo. The drive works with Windows 2k+, Mac 10.1+, and Linux 2.4+. We don't however have any info on price or when you'll be able to get one.

TwinMos intro's a shiny USB Drive – The Mobile Disk P1 [via gadgettastic]