TwinLuxe shaver set costs up to $1600!

My grandfather was an old school sort of guy. He never used a disposable razor his entire life. He started out using one of those wicked looking straight razors and a brush made of horsehair he had been using since he started shaving. He was the buy once sort of guy. He even had one of those leather straps he used to sharpen that razor.

If you like to go somewhat old school, but draw the line at using a straight razor out of fear you might cut your own throat TwinLuxe has your partially old school shave set. The thing has that brush for putting on shaving lotion and a fancy handle for you to shave with that uses disposable blades. The shave handle uses Gillette Fusion blades for comfort and easy replacement.

You can get the fancy set in polished chrome, solid white alumina ceramic, or with a wear resistant PVD coating. The things sell for $800 to $1,600 and are available right now. One of the reasons they are so expensive is that they are designed by the same guy that designed the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

[via Uncrate]