Twine offers easy entry to "internet of things"

Google isn't the only company working on the "internet of things," with a Kickstarter project called Twine looking to release compact WiFi-enabled sensors that can get web-dumb devices online. A 2.5-inch square block packing WiFi along with temperature and vibration sensors, Twine uses a simple web app called Spool to piece together routines like sending out an SMS when a certain temperature is passed, or tweeting when your dryer has finished spinning.

As standard, Spool can fire of Twitter and text messages, along with emails, and also output HTTP requests for more complex systems. They're expected to be the minority, though: Twine is intended to be simple, and developers Supermechanical hope it will be picked up by non-programmers keen to get their household appliances and other gadgets internet-connected.

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In addition to the integrated sensors, Supermechanical has fitted Twine with a "multifunction" socket that can accommodate external inputs; initially they will include a moisture sensor and a magnetic switch, along with a breakout board analog and digital inputs. However, if the team gets sufficient funding, they plan to develop extra sensors, with RFID, pressure and current all tipped as possibilities.

Power is either from a mini USB port or two AAA batteries, and Twine can even email you to remind you to change them when they're running down. The Kickstarter project is looking for $35,000 by January 3 2012, and $99 or more gets you a Twine unit of your own.

[via Gizmag]