Twilio joins with Google to bring voice and messaging API to developers

Google and Twilio are teaming up to bring developers cloud-powered tools that will help them integrate their apps with VoIP and messaging services. Twilio has partnered up with Google's Cloud Platform, making it the first voice and messaging API available through the Google App Engine. With its API, developers are able to easily integrate messaging and VoIP capabilities into their apps with just a few lines of code.

With the Twilio API and the Google App Engine, developers are able to go above and beyond just "one-to-one" messaging and VoIP calls. They can easily build a group messaging app, implement messaging capabilities that will allow users to send business cards via SMS text messaging, develop an "on-call scheduling" system on their app, enable voice conferencing within their app, and much more.

Developers are offered 2,000 free text messages or voice minutes to help them get started with the API integration. Now that Twilio is integrated with the Google App Engine, there are 250,000 active developers have access to its solution. These developers have already developed a total of 1 million registered apps on Google's App Engine, meaning that Twilio has potentially discovered a huge goldmine for its services.

Twilio isn't the only one benefiting from this partnership, however. Google is also hoping that Twilio will be able to attract developers away from other platforms like Amazon Web Services. In order to do so, Google needs to offer developers a lot more functions that they can implement into their apps, as well as offer developers a way to create highly scalable apps. The Google App Engine product manager, Chris Ramsdale, stated,

"Finding a way to run applications quickly, securely and at scale is a hurdle for a variety of developers across web ad mobile, which App Engine is a strong solution for."

[via Twilio]