Tweet with Siri hack allows iPhone Twitter without typing

When you think about Siri, it's not something that before the iPhone 4S was released was really a big deal: speaking to your phone, your phone then doing what you told it to do. But now that Siri and iPhone 4S are married, everyone wants a piece of the action. Take for example the brand new and nearly released to the public Tweet with Siri, a hack which allows you to use Siri to add a Twitter status on your iPhone 4S on the go – simple, and perhaps easy enough to accomplish that it should have been included in the basic build long ago, yes?

The process a powerful piece of development like Siri has to go through to legally connect with an application such as Twitter is prohibitive enough that the iPhone 4S was released with a version of Siri that did not work with more than a few applications. What the future of Siri holds though, is just that: application integration. Before that happens, the hackers are having at it, and solutions like Tweet with Siri are being released so that those of you with the knowhow to modify your device without making it explode are able to have what you want.

Of course jailbreaking is still frowned upon by Apple and if you plan on keeping your warrantee with any group you purchased the iPhone through, you shouldn't do it, but if you DO want to do it, you'll be able to add Tweet with Siri soon. The video above should explain it well enough – simply speak and Tweet! This application will be made available by Grooveshark employee Tyler Nettleton, also known as InfectionFX on the web, and will be working through Cydia.

[via TechCrunch]