Tweet Sleeve Displays Emotions in Pretty Lights

Yes, yes, we said pretty lights. They are bright, that's for sure. What you're looking at is the Tweet Sleeve, which was designed by Vanessa Sorensen, and it's designed to elucidate the emotions of your latest tweet. Yep, just in case it wasn't clear enough to those who might read it, you should want to show it off in pretty lights attached to your sleeve. Brings a whole new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve.

The project is intended to visually demonstrate personalities in the real world, via the ones that we live in the digital. The hoodie, which is part of an ever-increasing catalogue of "wearable technology," is wired with LEDs on the right sleeve. When you send a tweet, probably from any service out there, the LEDs will then react to the tweet's underlying meaning. Or, more specifically, the emotion behind it.

Utilizing advanced algorithms, the designer has managed to create a shirt that can, in real-time, rationalize the emotion behind your latest tweet, and then choose a color to display as the result. If you're mad, they turn red. If you're happy, they turn green. Of course, it's just a project for now, but considering how often we're seeing these pieces of "wearable technology," we wouldn't be surprised to start seeing it become a bit more mainstream. After all, you need to have your unborn child tweet, right?

[via Fashioning Tech]