Kickbee lets your unborn child Twitter

The womb is no longer a safe-haven from connectivity.  Corey Menscher, wanting to experience the kicks, movements and general in utero activities of his unborn child, developed the Kickbee, a strapped-on set of piezo sensors that monitor the baby and send wireless updates about it to Twitter.

A stretchy band velcros around Corey's understanding wife, embedded with sensors that react to movement.  Also in there is an Arduino to make sense of the inputs and wirelessly transmit them, via Bluetooth, to a nearby MacBook Pro; it's the Pro that actually sends out the Twitter updates.

Right now the sensors are a little too "touchy", but that's being tweaked.  Of course, it also relies on Corey's wife being within Bluetooth range; for future systems, it would make sense to have the Arduino directly update Twitter via a cellphone built into the Kickbee itself.

[via Hack a Day]