Tweet Rings put Tweets on a metal band

Shane McGlaun - Jan 21, 2011
Tweet Rings put Tweets on a metal band

If you love Twitter and talk about it a lot in front of my daughter, she will ask you if you are going to marry Twitter. If that sounds like a really good idea to you Tweet rings will help you seal the deal. These things aren’t necessarily wedding rings, but they look like it and geeks will probably use them for that purpose.

The Tweet Ring is a simple silver colored metal ring that can have your favorite 140-character tweet engraved on both sides of the ring. The messages don’t go on the flat parts of the ring, but on the square edges of the ring.

They look pretty cool and the best part is if the inscription means something to you, anyone can read it without you having to take off the ring. You can get the rings in stainless steel for 89 euro, silver for 99 euro, or titanium for 109 euro.

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