Tweet Claims Gravitational Waves May Have Been Discovered

Scientists and researchers around the world have been looking for evidence of the existence of gravitational waves for a long time. Gravitational waves are a key part of Einstein's theory of general relativity. If the existence of these gravitational waves were proven, it would be one of the greatest scientific discoveries of our time.

At this time, the discovery of these gravitational waves is only a rumor. The rumor and excitement was started by a tweet from an Arizona State University cosmologist called Lawrence Krauss on Monday that had to do with a rumor that he heard a few months ago. That rumor had to do with scientists working on the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory or LIGO designed specifically to search for gravitational waves.

In his tweet, Krauss claims that scientists working at the LIGO are writing up a paper on gravitational waves discovered using detectors in the US. So far, there has been no peer review or publication of the findings from the LIGO team.

Scientists say that discovering gravitational waves would fill a gap in our understanding of how the universe was born. Krauss tweeted, "My earlier rumor about LIGO has been confirmed by independent sources. Stay tuned! Gravitational waves may have been discovered!! Exciting."