Evo's Harry Metcalfe drives amphibious car

It's 2012, folks. Isn't it crazy that we're still all driving cars that run on gasoline, on the same highways that our parents used? What ever happened to the flying cars that we were all promised? Well, alright, that dream may finally be coming true. But what about those promises of amphibious cars?

Again, there are cars that can transform into a boat but they're very rare. Nevertheless, that didn't stop the ex-owner of TVR Harry Metcalfe from creating something called a Scamander, an ambphibious car that can drive around on all sorts of terrain, or float on the water.

Evo editorial director Harry Metaclfe drove around the Scamander in his latest Evo Diaries video, where the car is described as "the one off vehicle that's been designed to be at home on the road, heading through mud or in the water." This is what we love to see from 67-year-old young-at-heart guys. There is nothing more entertaining than watching this video, so check it out.