TVLogic debuts new LEM-150W 15-inch OLED monitor and TDM-150W 3D OLED

A company called TVLogic has pulled the wraps off a pair of cool OLED displays for computer users. Both of the screens are 15-inches and use OLED tech inside. The first screen is the LEM-150W and is a 2D monitor.

It has a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, 180-degree viewing angles, HDMI input, DVI input, and more. The screen is compatible with 1080p 60 and 4:4:4 with an optional 3G/Dual-link feature. The really cool screen is the TDM-150W.

This monitor is the same 15-inch OLED but has support for stereoscopic 3D content. The screen has 100,000:1 contrast ratio, 180-degreee viewing angles and all the same features as its 2D brother. Pricing and availability are unknown, but these things will not be cheap.