TV Guide Mobile unveils new TV Companion App

No matter, how many channels you have, finding something good to watch can be a significant challenge on any given day. Years ago, we resorted to a printed magazine, TV Guide, to find cool shows to watch. With the on screen programming guide being common across pretty much every cable and satellite provider, TV Guide has fallen by the wayside as a printed guide. The company has announced a new mobile application that looks interesting.

The app is called the TV Guide mobile one-stop TV companion app. The most important part of the app according to TV Guide is the TV Guide's Watchlist. The company says that this list is a groundbreaking feature with dozens of innovations based on user research and feedback. TV Guide says that over 500,000 people have already created Watchlists on TV

The Watchlist promises to make watching TV easier. The user can add shows, favorite sports teams, favorite actors, and favorite movies to their own personal Watchlist. The Watchlist will then show all of that content on a single app screen with all the ways the content is available to watch. That means if your favorite show is on normal TV, showing on an on demand channel, streaming channel, or DVD you can find it in one place.

The feature also allows the user to share and discuss their favorite programs via social networks and link to various services such as Hulu, HBO Go and others to watch the content. TV Guide says it will be adding additional sources over the coming weeks. The app also provides celebrity Watchlist videos the chair their favorite content and original editorial content. The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch app also gets a new feature called New Tonight Trending showing what people are watching right then. The app is available for download now.