Tuttuki Bako Tamagochi-style 'poking box' video demo

There's a special place in our hearts for bizarre Japanese toys, and Tuttuki Bako is just one such gadget.  Starting from the basic premise that a Tamagochi would be much more fun if you could actually jab at it with your finger, Bandai have dropped a small endearing blob-creature into a box and given you a hole to poke a digit in at it.  Akihabara, in the name of science, picked one up and had a play.Video demo after the cut

It's not only a blob that you can play with: there's a little stick man too, that you can generally bully with your finger.  The button on the front panel cycles through a number of mini-games called Stages, which generally seem to involve squishing or pushing (for instance a small panda on a rope swing).  Not exactly the pinnacle of mobile gaming, but entertaining enough.

Unfortunately there seems to be uncertainty about how responsive the finger-control actually is, with at least one person reporting it to be imprecise and laggy.  If you're tempted, the Tuttuki Bako is available in the US from GeekStuff4U, priced at $50.85