Turok's 4-Month Delay Caused By PS3 Porting Issues

Did you know that Turok was originally supposed to have been released back in November of last year? If you were anxiously awaiting the game, you were probably disappointed by the delay (and likely by the game itself). Well Propaganda Games (the developer behind Turok) has decided to set the record straight on the cause of the delay: blame the PS3.

Propaganda decided to do their lead development on the Xbox 360 because they were using the Unreal Engine 3, which is known to work more easily with Microsoft's console. It was completed on-schedule, however, the game was delayed so they could get the PS3 version "up to the standard of the 360 version."

Not all of the blame should be pointed at the console itself, asĀ  it's well-known that the Unreal Engine 3 port is terrible for the PS3. In fact, Epic was sued last year by Silicon Knights for just that reason.

[via Joystiq]