Turn your Wacom tablet into a Cintiq clone with new kit and some elbow grease

If you are the artsy type that uses a Wacom tablet to draw on your computer, you may have lusted after one of the sweet Cintiq displays that let you draw right on the screen rather than use a tablet. You may have been bummed at the price of the Cintiq screens too at well over $1000.

Fear not, if you are a DIY type, you can take your Wacom tablet and turn it into a Cintiq clone on the cheap. OK, maybe not cheap, but the kit costs less than the Cintiq for sure. The kit is available for four different Wacom tablet models and includes the enclosure and other materials.

Kits are offered for the Intuos4, Intuos3 A4, Intuos2, and UD starting at $221.55. The rub is that the kit doesn't include all the parts that you need for the conversion. You will also need your own LCD screen sized depending on the tablet you are converting along with the enclosure kit and Wacom tablet. Only kits for the Intuos3 and Intuos4 are available right now.

[Via Hackaday]