Turn your iMac into a steampunk dream with a custom cover

We have covered out fare share of steampunk gear here on SlashGear. The thing that most of the gear has in common is that they are each a custom built one of a kind devices made by the user. A dude going by the name Woodguy from Old Time Computer is showing off some cool covers for the iMac that gives it that Steampunk look.

The covers apparently slip right over the top of the iMac and leave the camera and screen exposed and don't interfere with the use of the machine. The covers are available in a couple colors and styles.

A Shaker Style or Maplewood style are the options. Shaker style is cherry wood with square peg and crown trim. You can get a painted marble base or optional solid cherry trim for the keyboard as well. The Maplewood version is made from maple with a maple base. There is no word on pricing at this time.

[via Yanko Design]