Turing Robotics Industry announces Turing Armor 5G WiGig data transfer case

Most mobile phone users want to have the fastest data transfer they can get hands on when moving large files to and from their smartphone. A company called Turing Robotic industries (TRI) has a new product that will be available with its Dark Wyvern, the Turing Phone Series II, smartphone when it launches. The company started pre-orders for its first Turing Phone back in July.

Pre-orders for the Dark Wyvern smartphone will start on September 24 and the phone will be available with the first 5G WiGig 60 GHz data transfer solution in the industry. The WiGig 60 GHz data transfer specification was completed in 2009 and promises 7Gbps speeds at the time.

The WiGig solution will be available in the form of a protective case called Turing Armor featuring TRI Wind Tunnel 60 GHz data transfer tech. TRI says that the Wind Tunnel tech can transfer 3.2GB of data in under 25 second.

The Dark Wyvern smartphone is made out of grey material the company calls Liquidmorphium and has the same features for security as the original. That means the same authentication methods, chip platform, screen, and dimensions. It has 128GB of storage and will sell for $999 with the Turing Armor case.

SOURCE: Turing Phone