Tumblr two-factor authentication uses password and mobile code

It's hard to keep popular online blogging and other platforms secure. Hackers are constantly working to break into these sites for all sorts of purposes. Tumblr is a blogging platform that has been the target of hacks and attacks in the past.

Tumblr blogs were hacked back in 2012 to display racists and offensive posts. Tumblr is making moves to help users of its platform keep their accounts secure and prevent that sort of attack from happening again. Two-factor authentication has been introduced to the platform.

Tumblr announced this week that it was adding new security measures to the Settings page of the app. Two-factor authentication is optional for users and when activated the user will need a password and an authentication code.

The authentication code is sent to the mobile device associated with the account. With the two-factor authentication enabled even if a hacker cracks your password, they can't access the account without the user's smartphone and authentication code. Having to enter an authentication code might get annoying, but if you want to keep your account as safe as possible two factor authentication is the way.