Tumblr is down, it's not just you [Update: it's back!]

Right this minute there appears to be a service disruption affecting Tumblr. This disruption seems to be on the backend, not the reader side of the equation, suggesting that Tumblr isn't experiencing a full downed server. If you love browsing Tumblr sites, though, don't expect any new content for a bit.

Reports of down time began at around 3:10 PM CST and continue through the publication of this article, half an hour later. Editing abilities seem to be slow for some and completely knocked out for others.

If you see the message shown at the head of this article, you're not alone. Twitter is on fire with "Tumblr is down" messages that often include expletives aplenty.

Meanwhile other Yahoo-owned services appear to be running smoothly, with only the average amount of error reports appearing on 3rd-party error reporting sites across the web. Sit tight, browse, and have a peek at our Tumblr tag portal for more on your beloved social network blogging tool.

Update: Worry not, your microblogging can continue. Tumblr is back online.