Tumblr gives mobile users three new posting features

Tumblr has responded to user requests by adding three new posting features, ones that are particularly targeted at those using the mobile app. If you're posting on Tumblr via a tablet or smartphone, you can add new styles to your blog, including modifying the header, adding lists, applying 'fancy cursive' text to the post, and more.

An increasing number of people are using mobile devices as their primary devices, and the demand for more capabilities on mobile apps is increasing to match. Tumblr indicates that at least one of its three new features is due to user request — the ability to choose a photo when you reblog someone else's post.

Tap the reblog button, type whatever message you want to accompany the reblogging, and then tap the camera icon. From there you can choose whatever image or GIF you'd like, then finish and post it for everyone else to see. This is joined by new text styles on mobile (shown below). Users can choose to quote text, select font size, bulleted lists and numbered lists, and more.

In addition, Tumblr says that its mobile app now allows blog owners to tap on and drag a paragraph to reorder where it falls in the post. This lends more control over easily rearranging a post, something that traditionally is difficult from mobile devices, especially smartphones. You can find all of these features now in the updated Tumblr app.

SOURCE: Tumblr