Tubolito MTB PSENS inner tubes can monitor their own air pressure

Most vehicles made within the last handful of years have built-in tire pressure monitoring systems that alert drivers if their tires are low. Low pressure impacts the performance of the tires and reduces fuel economy. Mountain bikers who have wished their bike tires could monitor their own tire pressure can now do so using the Tubolito MTB PSENS inner tubes.

MTB PSENS inner tubes integrate an NFC chip inside that's encased in foam within the thermoplastic polyurethane inner tubes. The chip can send a wireless pressure reading to an app running on a smartphone. To get a pressure reading, the user only needs to hold their smartphone to the tire.

One of the more interesting features about the NFC communication chip used in the innertube is that it doesn't require batteries. It's also very lightweight, adding only seven grams to the weight of the tube. The chip is located near the valve stem making it easy to remember where to place the phone to get a pressure reading.

MTB PSENS inner tubes have a 42mm presta valve and is available in 27.5 or 29-inch diameters. Weight for the tubes ranges from 90 to 93 grams, making them significantly lighter than a standard inner tube. The downside to the new technology is that the innertubes cost $49.99 each. That is significantly more expensive than a normal innertube.

Many bicyclists use tubeless tires making this less useful for some of the more serious bicyclists out there. The other potential downside is that getting a puncture in a tube that costs $50 that might not be repairable is certainly cause for concern.