Tube Amp stereo kit - if you build it, your music will sound better

This is a kit from a Korean company known as Gakken. You get all the parts to put together your very own tube amp receiver as well as a pair of speaker to connect to it.

The benefits of tube amp sound are vast and often indescribable, but they are well worth it. Usually though, tube amps cost a small fortune, but with this kit you can have one for about $125.

Sadly there isn't a designated exporter for this product, but Wired mentioned that you can occasionally find them on Ebay, and sure enough, when I did a search I found one of these kits on Ebay from someone who seems to have sold more than one of them before, it was $123 plus $28 for shipping. I don't know what the sound quality through the included speakers would be, but they are fairly portable and the whole system is battery powered and you could hook up your iPod to it fairly easily, but if you were to put your inputs, from your receiver, through this first, and then have it output to just an amplifier (to your speakers) it would make for a very nice system without you having to drop too much additional coin. Personally, I'd probably use it just for my computer speaker and audio and it would be great for that.

[via Wired]