TSA testing new software for full body scanners

The full body scanners that are in use in hundreds of airports around the world have drawn huge amounts of criticism from passengers and privacy groups. The problem is that the scanners show anatomically correct images of the people who step inside and are seen by some as nude images despite the fact that only the TSA person in the viewing booth sees the images.

The TSA has announced that it is trialing a new software update for the body scanners at the Las Vegas airport that is much less objectionable. Rather than showing images of the person in the booth on a screen, the software shows nothing but a generic grey outline of a body.

The screen will flash green if the person in the booth is clean and can move on through security. If a hidden object is found by the scanner, it will put a red box around the object for the security personnel to check in the groping that will ensue. "We believe it addresses the privacy issues that have been raised," said John Pistole, head of the TSA. "It's basically a software modification to existing equipment, so there's very little cost."

Via Washington Post