TSA limiting size of Lithium metal and Lithium-Ion batteries allowed through security

So according to the table below if you have x amount of Lithium or Lithium Ion in your gadget's batteries you can't take them with you. But that's not even the best part, the best part is that this isn't a security concern.... Wait for it, until January 1st 2008!

So, if they were really doing it for our security, wouldn't they enact something like this immediately? Anyways, I have no idea what gadgets use Lithium or Lithium Ion batteries, but I know there are a lot of them, like laptops, cell phones, or most other rechargeable battery powered equipment. Even better yet, I have no idea how to tell how many grams of Lithium or Lithium Ion are in a given battery.

Alright, so, the TSA website is there to help us figure this out, 8 grams of equivalent Lithium material is about 100 watt hours, the 2 grams is still in effect for actual lithium metal batteries. They also add that all cell phones are under the limit and most laptops are, so you should be safe traveling with your gadgetry, provided you carry any large extended life batteries as a spare since you get up to 25 grams equivalent Lithium material for spare batteries.

TSA's new forbidden item: >2gm lithium batteries [via boingboing]