Trypoxy Phone Concept Makes Holding Your Phone Easy

So while one phone one one particular network is finally the real deal, we've still got plenty of concept designs out there, showing off what the future of cellphones might look like. This design, called the Trypoxy Phone from designers Miyazawa Tetsu and Ichimura Shigenori, combines the look of a pebble, an intuitive touchscreen, and a hand-hold that actually extends from the back of the device.

If you've ever used an all-touchscreen device, then you've probably said at least once that holding the phone and finding your way through the Internet may not be all that comfortable over long periods of time. The Trypoxy Phone is meant to cure that, thanks to the soft-gel extension that can actually be pulled out from the back of the phone. It's soft enough that you can hold it, and contoured to fit into the palm of your hand for ultimate comfort over long periods of time.

The other side of the device is an all-touchscreen surface, with an intuitive overlay. The device would also feature built-in controls for navigating the Internet and general User Interface.

[via Yanko Design]