Trygger Clip polarizing filter for iPhone 5 hits Kickstarter

If you have an iPhone 5 and want to be able to take better pictures using the smartphones integrated camera, a new accessory just turned up on Kickstarter you might want to take a look at. The accessory is called the iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip. The filter clips onto the corner of your iPhone 5 covering the camera lens and adding the polarizing filter.

The filter promises to clean up noisy light and improve the colors in your photographs. The filter will eliminate glare as well as unwanted reflections according to the manufacturers. The filter is easy to remove for times when you need to use the flash.

Obviously, that does mean that the filter covers up the flash so you won't be using it in the dark. Each of the little filters are handmade in use a color neutral polarizing film between two layers of scratch resistant optical glass. The filter is made in two versions with one of them white and the other black.

The clip on filter will be 26.5 mm wide and 35.7 mm tall. It has a depth of 13.46 mm and weighs about 4.8 g. It will not fit on an iPhone 5 with a case installed. You can order the filter with an estimated ship date of February 2013 for pledge of $30 or more. The project has 38 days to go before it finds into seeking $10,000. So far, the project has raised $1342.