Try this: Emulate early Apple Macintosh software in your browser

Mondays are unquestionably rough, but the Internet Archive is making this particular Monday a little more exciting. The Internet Archive announced today that it has added emulation for early Macintosh software to its library. This means that you can spend your day as if you were still living in the 1980s, exploring some of the earliest operating systems Apple ever released.

Internet Archive has put together a fairly sizable collection of early Mac software, with 45 items to peruse. These include everything from games and programs to full blown operating systems. Some of them are simple, like a demo for the game Lemmings, while others give a glimpse into the early days of software that still exists today, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator (version 1.02 can be emulated here).

If you want the full Mac experience, though, you can load up perhaps what is the coolest part of this new collection: a compilation of MacOS 7.0.1. This compilation was originally published way back in 1991, so if by chance you've never encountered classic Mac hardware and software, you can see what all of us old-timers were working with 26 years ago.

There's a lot to this compilation as well, from games like Risk and Cannon Fodder to a bunch of different applications including MacDraw, MacPaint, Microsoft Word, and Orion. Just a word of warning: it's fairly easy lose a lot of time playing around with the emulators (take it from me), so explore the past at your own risk today.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've been able to emulate old Mac software, but seeing it in-browser is definitely cool. If you ever find yourself longing for the past or you want to see what things were like in the early days of home computing, this is definitely the thing for you. Internet Archive's full collection can be found through the source link below.

SOURCE: Internet Archive