True Detective season 2's finale boosted to 90 minutes

In what what seems to be a quickly growing trend among television shows, the True Detective season 2 finale has been extended to 90 minutes in length, making it as long as some theatrical movies. This will give the network extra time to flesh out the finale and wrap things up both neatly and in a satisfactory manner — not to mention it gives fans a little extra fix upon the season's end. The upcoming finale episode will be airing on August 9. Teaser after the jump!

HBO recently dropped some details about its extended season finale, news of which was both verified and made public by the fans over at HBO Watch. The episode will, to be precise, be 87 minutes long — so just shy of an hour and a half, but close enough. It starts at 9PM ET, and hits On Demand the next day.

Both the first and second True Detective seasons are eight episodes long, and this upcoming Sunday will mark the eighth — and final — episode for season 2. While last season was directed by Cary Fukunaga, this latest season is directed by several directors, including Justin Lin, who did the first two episodes.

HBO isn't the only network to stretch its season finale out an extra half an hour. Back in February, AMC decided to do the same, announcing that the final episode of The Walking Dead season 5 would be 90 minutes long instead of an hour.